Procedure for Visitors

Campus/Building Visitor Identification Badges

All visitors must report to the main office. In the office, visitors are required to sign in. They will be issued a visitor identification badge to be worn during the visit. Upon leaving the building or campus, visitors must report to the office to turn in the visitor identification badge and sign out.

Unauthorized persons shall not be permitted in school buildings or on school grounds. School principals are authorized to take appropriate action to prevent such persons from entering buildings or from loitering on school grounds. Such persons will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Visitor Notice

Procedures for School Visitation

Parents and other persons who wish to visit schools in the Anadarko Public School District must report to the school office for clearance.

The principal shall have the right to deny visitation rights to any individual, if in the judgment of the principal, the visit might negatively affect the classroom procedures.